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NFL Draft tidbit....intersting!

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I never knew this.

Before a college player is eligible for the NFL Draft, he must have completed all years of eligibility. ie, he must be a senior. This is because once a player commits to the draft, he cannot return to college. This rule is to protect owners from drafting a player, only for that player to not like the team that drafted him and deciding to return to college and try it again next year. Therefore, only seniors who are done with college can apply for the NFL draft. There are other reasons, like encouraging kids to earn their degrees before departing their alma Mata, but not stiffing owners is the main reason.

But (like always) there are exceptions for some players who want to come out early. Here's the deal with them. The rule about not return to college still applies, even if they go undrafted, so the NFL has a special board that reviews each request. If the board feels the kid is really good and should go in the 1st or 2nd round, then they approve the request, and the kid can enter the draft. But if the board thinks there's a chance they won't be taken that early (which means there's a chance they won't get drafted at all) then the NFL will deny the kid and force him back to college for another year.

So...only future superstars can leave early and only then if the NFL feels they'll go in the first two rounds. After that, most of the kids are seniors, especially in rounds 3 on down.

That's all!

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Maybe the board only advises? The article I read (couldn't find it to share here) said the board must decide the player should go in the first two round before they approve. 

What do you think about the rule that once a player commits to the draft, they cannot return to college (at least not on any kind of scholarship)?

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10 minutes ago, Sarge4Tide said:

I don't think the board approves or denies requests to enter the draft, but advises kids on their relative value in the draft.  Kids with eligibility remaining declare for the draft all the time and go undrafted

I think you're right...another article I just looked up says the board only advises.

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