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Psyched for this season.

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1 hour ago, Warfish said:

No team is ever "done".  Even Super Bowl winning teams aren't done.

Nor is my point that the "rebuild is over" mean we must do X Y or Z this year or else.

It means "we're rebuilding, we can lose and it's ok because we're rebuilding, because JD inherited..." is no longer a valid argument.

We'll all set our own expectations for what we think "should" happen in 2022.  Based on the team and roster.

But any attempt to excuse or otherwise dismiss issues as "we're rebuilding" should, in a fair world, be laughed off the forum en masse.

Agree with what you say.

We've now moved on from "losing because of lack of talent". There is hand picked talent at pretty much every starting position. Even the "may not work out" guys are not necessarily key to our success any more (again, looking at you Denzel!).

"Losing because of inexperience" is still bound to happen - but that should be the cause of a close loss in the last minutes of the game (like we saw in TB). Not getting blown off the field continuously like we saw in the earlier part of the season. And that is mainly what my expectations are for 2022 - we have to look the part of a team that was competitive in pretty much every game, that we could have won if it wasn't for a drop, or a fumble, or a bad decision here and there. We can't look inept. Or else the offending coaches and players are going to start feeling a lot of heat.

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