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Jets expected win total went from 4.7 wins to 7.2 wins after the draft - that is huge!


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19 hours ago, Darnold's Forehead said:

Good, but I think 7.2 games is expected from everyone who's tuned into the Jets.  7-10 is still not good, that would mean something went wrong and bad trends continued throughout the season (Zach, O-Line, defense, injuries, coaching, etc.)

At this point in time I am still quite skeptical of Saleh.  I like him and want to believe, but this defense has to be middle of the pack MINIMUM.  Too much money and picks spent on all three phases of it.  I think the offense, especially Zach, will be the best its been in a LONG time.

As we approach summer and camps, all I can do is hope this team will be relieved of its injury curse.

Actually, if the Jets go 7-10 and 3+ games they lose are the type where it could have gone either way, plus both sides of the ball play well for the majority of the season, that would not be bad and would be something to build on for the 2023 season. in 2021 the Chargers only won like 5 games of the 16 for that year, but Herbert look very good in most games and they were still respected as a pretty good team, so if we can do like they did then, but a few more wins you can't say a lot went wrong when you not only have a tough schedule like we do in 2022, but this division and and conference are loaded with great QBs/WRs that are going to need to be totally out scored and held back by great defense to be able to win a lot of the games against them we will be playing.

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5 hours ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

I would love to argue with Cynthia...maybe about how 7 minutes is actually well above the mean....



I never know quite what to make of her.   Sometimes, especially with glasses, Cynthia can look like a space alien.  Other times, like a totally hot sex puppet.   For sure she has a crazy body.


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About 7-8 wins is what I would like to see....

Fact of the matter is that we need to start winning games....the optimistic high we all have after the draft means nothing if it doesn't give us a better outcome.....

I'm not expecting a Bengals like turnaround, or to compete for a playoff spot, but our days of being bottom dwellers who don't look like they belong on an NFL field need to be behind us now....

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23 hours ago, undertow said:

I was just gonna post this...these analytics people have a hard time thinking when the computer doesn't spit out numbers for them.  I think she said 10. 35, and Moore. 

That would have been such an overpay Jet fans would have burned down Florham Park. What a fool. Not to mention the fact they would have had to pay him 25 mil a year also. So many of these talking heads have no idea what they are talking about. 

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