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The best thing about JJ is he plays the game....

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Within the game like a vet. I don't know how or why this is so but he does. He is a very natural pass rusher and he has technique he must have taken from his own observation because he didn't get on the field much in Georgia. If you watch the highlights you can see examples of his understanding and how his feet and hands are in sync with the technique and  how he mixes it up. Watch game tape and you can see him stringing  plays together - and if that weren't enough, he's got the presence of mind to diagnose the run game and disrupt gaps and regularly shedding the block to go after the ball. I wasn't really watching this guy before the draft but a day or so after the draft I saw Shaun O'Hara talking about him and Shaun has never been a Jet fan but he went nuts! Breaking down his play and getting visibly engrossed. Same thing with Marcus Spears. These guys get loud and are insistent all the time but they seldom get animated and start talking with their hands and stop looking in the camera. 

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