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Feast your eyes upon this dime TD bomb from Tua to Tyreek and shudder, Jets fans


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I gotta say, I don’t get how we as Jets fans sit here and criticize another team so brazenly. 

i don’t mean that in a “don’t be mean” way. 

i mean that in a “when have the Jets come out on top in these situations”  We crapped on Josh Allen and now he’s best in the league, every year we say “this is the year patriots are dropping off a cliff” and yet they still beat us twice in each year regularly. 

This is mostly me projecting my strong inclination to believe in Jinxes. We talk crap and it’s going to come back and bite us. He really isn’t that bad - better than Josh Allen was in his first 2 years - anything can happen especially with McDaniel running that offense and all the weipans they have in addition to a stout defense. 

Im actually fond of reverse Jinxes. I think Tua will light it up and they will go to the playoffs smoking our asses twice in the process. jets have no shot of beating them. 


ps: Im a grown man 

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6 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

Youre having a problem because someone agreed with you by disagreeing with the commentator in the video YOU posted?
Talk about a Dolt, WTF are you complaining about?

That's not how that came off.

I'm not sure you watched the whole video though. They specifically talked about why would the dolphins social media post it. 

Regardless, I shared it to show the story was gaining traction, not that I agree with every viewpoint they had. 

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1 hour ago, Gastineau Lives said:

Btw isn't it nice to see T0m trolling other teams for a change?

The funniest part to me was the first few posters in the thread assuming Tom was serious with his thread title, likely because they couldn't imagine him making fun of an opposing team's QB for a change.

Like, it was clearly sarcasm, but people just couldn't compute when it came to being sarcasm + Tom + non-Jets QB.

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