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I Freakin Luv CJ Uzomah,,,, Don't You???

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Jets fans wanted an upgrade at TE.  

JD knew it was our biggest weakness, especially with a young QB.  So… JD didn’t just make them better at the top TE, he upgraded the entire depth chart…

CJU was an excellent signing for so many reasons!

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1 hour ago, Untouchable said:

Complete and utter overhaul at the position and I’m starting to really dig Douglas’ approach after starting to sour on him 6 months ago.

As long as he is in charge, the Jets are going to value building the trenches on both sides, and spending premium picks and upper echelon FA dollars on the perimeter. High picks and big money devoted to the likes of AVT, Becton, Tomlinson, JFM, Lawson, C. Davis, G. Wilson, Moore, Sauce, Reed, Mims and J. Johnson over the last 2 years alone show this clear as crystal. (Not to mention Rankins and the possibility of Ogunjobi).

If Wilson can take a leap this year, this team could legitimately be a deep playoff contender for at least 4-5 years by 2023.

They should be strong along the lines on both sides, have a possible franchise QB, a good 3-4 legitimate playmakers at the skill positions on offense, and a sh*t load of young talent in the secondary with guys like Sauce, Reed, Whitehead, Bryce and MC II.


It’s as if we now have a GM that actually has a clue on how to construct a roster. Haven’t had this much competency in a GM since the Ron Wolf / Walt Michael’s era 

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6 hours ago, Integrity28 said:

I appreciate him. 

I save love for my wife, kids and cookies.

Great point Ape, yet I can’t help but wonder what happens when there is only 3 cookies left. 

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