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Dolphin fans have absolutely LOST IT! LMAO!!

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Let's concern ourselves with our team What JD  has done this off season has been very impressive. Until it translates into wins on Sunday, doesn't mean anything. A wobbly pass in camp by a division rival QB, doesn't mean anything. They beat us twice last year. Let's concern ourselves with what we do, and hope payback starts this year. 

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29 minutes ago, Maxman said:

Hey a lot of people are complaining about all the videos that people are posting here. Everyone knows where to find YouTube now, so we ask that you hold off on posting any more here. Thanks.

No problem man. This will be the last one.

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6 hours ago, DoomProphet said:

What's wrong with that! It's hilarious! Don't you like seeing rival fan bases completely lose it? Isn't what Jets fans want?

You should read more threads.  If you did, you would've known that a lot of people on JN predict the Jets to finish last in the division again this year and for MIA to be at the top fighting it out with Buffalo. You pissed them off because you ruined their fantasies of sitting in between Tua and Hill while jerking them off simultaneously at the back of the Dolphins' bus parked at Metlife parking lot.

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I highly suggest that you stop posting videos on this site. It is obvious that people have cowardly tendencies while hiding behind their keyboards.

With this said, a honest criticism would be the context and presentation. You should consolidate and reorganize with a fresh start. A desk, background, etc...just work on aesthetics, intro music, etc.

You have great intentions but the human nature is to be critical and bullish without positive criticism.  You should ignore negative people and focus on improving.

Lastly, the feedback from this site shouldn't be fully ignored. Maybe it is possible that this could or couldn’t be a desirable field for you. 

Good luck.

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18 hours ago, DoomProphet said:

Ever since I posted this video 4 days ago on my YouTube channel mocking the Dolphins and Tua's absolutely pathetic throw in practice to a clearly stationary Tyreek Hill, I've been getting A LOT of angry, hateful, personal attacks from Dolphin fans in the comments. Now I don't care one bit what they have to say as a matter fact it's quite hilarious and pathetic really and it shows that they have no answer or comeback to try and defend Tua. Dolphin fans are SHOOK! I felt the collective icy shiver that went down their back as soon as they saw that pathetic display from Tua. They've been humiliated and now all they can do is lash out! It's glorious!

Now I can't copy and paste what they said on this site but here is the link to the video so you guys can check the comments for yourselves! It's hilarious and pathetic! LMAO! Enjoy!


That siding needs pressure washed.

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15 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

^^^ Says the guy who is a Nicholas Cage and DC universe fanboy


15 hours ago, RutgersJetFan said:

Nicolas Cage is an artist thank you very much 

As well as a gentleman, and collector of fine books.

Love me some of the weird side of DC



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On 5/16/2022 at 7:32 AM, Biggs said:

Is it ironic that a Jets fan used a troll of Dolphin fans to troll Jets fans?   No it's SOP for a troll.  

It’s more ironic that posting a sizzle reel of Tua in shorts with no one rushing him under throwing to Hill is “trolling” Dolphins fans

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