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Brady Quinn sh*ts all over Jets/Say 5 wins or under

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3 minutes ago, the Claw said:

 Brady Quinn is not someone that any of us should give a sh*t about. His opinion of the Jets should mean even less.


But, yes, he will likely be wrong and that is oddly satisfying to think. 

So, F U Brady Quinn. You sucked in the NFL. 

He wasn't even a bust. A project player that wilted in the wind. WASTE of a draft pick.

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Lol.   7 wins.   Oh the enjoyment.   Listened driving so I don’t know who the first talking head was, but that sure was nice to say 7 wins just to help me feel good.  

Brady with the 0-9 to start is possible call.

I didn’t really think division champs and the playoffs were really in play, but when grandma tells you it’s time to buy a stock, you know the market for that stock is about to crash.   Grandma is more savvy than Brady Quinn.  

Playoffs baby!!! 

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No matter how good our offseason is, there's gonna be idiots and others who crap all over the Jets. When we start winning games, then will people start crapping over the lack of super bowl rings the Jets have

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49 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

**** this guy. His stupid smug take is just devoid of facts as well. Let’s remind him at the end of season how he was wrong 


Brady Quinn knows exactly how hard it is to play QB in the NFL. It must be harder for him to see how much Zach struggled last year and to think anything other than,” Damn, it’s another me!” Shits  gotta be real real to him. 

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3 Talking heads arguing about wins and losses.

Quinn is told before the show goes live "Here are your talking points Brady, these are the reasons the Jets will loose big", by the producer..."make it convincing or I have ten other out-of-work football players who will yell, scream and dance for some screen time."

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