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ESPN: Jets the 31st best team in the NFL

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On 5/17/2022 at 6:59 PM, JiFapono said:

I was thinking 26 or 28, possibly 29 

We are better than we think we are. 😉 We have upgraded considerably from last year. We have 6 - SIX new starters on defense: Sauce, Reed, Joyner Whitehead, Lawson, Johnson.  Then we have 5 new starters on offense: Becton, Tomlinson, Uzomah, B Hall, G Wilson. Again, upgrades. We’re better than the Bears, Giants, Lions, Dolphins, Texans, Seahawks, Falcons ( now minus Ryan), Panthers, Jags, Giants. On par with Commanders, Steelers. We’ve moved up the charts. I think we’re going to surprise a lot of people with our effort and competitive play. Probably won’t win 8 games but we’ll definitely be a better football team on practically every facet of the game. 

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I'm guessing we were probably ranked in the same ballpark last year... bottom 5 team. 

I'm guessing many were upset at that time since we just drafted Zach, AVT, and Elijah and had a promising free agency. 

The national media was right last year.

The national media, however, can't tell that we've reached a tipping point. 

- Second year in a system

- Salary cap fully utilized on players we expect to play (no dead money)

- A team that has consistently invested in premium positions, and building a complete offense

- A team with a solid mix of veterans and talented young players, along with solid depth

- A team of hard workers, with talent, speed, and athletic traits

- A team that never quit

- A locker room that is positive, cohesive, and supportive

- A team that has bought in

So with that said, 31 sounds about right!

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