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Fantasy Football: Jets rookies getting a little respect (Rookie Dynasty Draft)

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I play fantasy football but pretty standard stuff drafting new teams each year, etc.  This Dynasty Draft concept is an interesting concept with rookies that I've never really done.  A dynasty league lets you keep some or all of your players from year to year so there's a big benefit to drafting a rookie who ends up being a stud because you get to keep the guy for multiple seasons.  The fftoday.com website recently had a Dynasty Draft with rookies and Jets players went 1st and 4th.  You'll obviously guess who, but I've listed the results below for Round 1 (rest of results at the link below).  Can't remember the last time the Jets had offensive players who people actually valued in fantasy football.


2022 Dynasty Rookie Draft Results

By Bill Anderson | 5/10/22 |

It’s that time of the year again, when NFL fans get overly optimistic or just plain depressed (usually nothing in between) about the future of their favorite team, based solely on who was picked in the NFL draft. For dynasty fantasy owners it is a chance to re-stock, re-build, or re-think their rosters, as investing in (or avoiding) rookies is probably one of the most important things an owner can do for the future of their franchise.

This year’s NFL Draft was interesting, as there was not a real consensus on the top players and a general sentiment of weakness for fantasy purposes. While this may or may not prove to be true, it is likely some players will emerge as having fantasy relevance, and for several players this could come as soon as this coming season.

Below is the result of a rookie draft that I had this past weekend (5/7/22) in one of my long-standing dynasty leagues. The league is 12 teams, .5 PPR and uses relatively standard lineup (1 QB, 2RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 K, 1 DEF) and roster size (22 spots). Hopefully you can use this as a benchmark for your upcoming dynasty rookie drafts so you have some idea what to expect.

Happy drafting!

1.01 - Breece Hall, RB (New York Jets)
1.02 - Drake London, WR (Atlanta Falcons)
1.03 - Treylon Burks, WR (Tennessee Titans)
1.04 - Garrett Wilson, WR (New York Jets)
1.05 - Kenneth Walker III, RB (Seattle Seahawks)
1.06 - Chris Olave, WR (New Orleans Saints)
1.07 - Christian Watson, WR (Green Bay Packers)
1.08 - Jameson Williams, WR (Detroit Lions)
1.09 - Skyy Moore, WR (Kansas City Chiefs)
1.10 - James Cook RB (Buffalo Bills)
1.11 - George Pickens, WR (Pittsburgh Steelers)
1.12 - Kenny Pickett, QB (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Round 1 Analysis

The only sure-pick in this draft class is at pick 1 with Hall. While the landing spot is not perfect, Hall is a terrific prospect both from a production and athletic standpoint. Include the high draft capital at a shallow position in this class and he is an easy top pick for me.

After Hall it gets a little cloudy but the next three (London/Burks/Wilson) make up Tier 2, as excellent prospects who also have great draft capital and solid landing spots.

The rest of the first round I can see going in almost any order. Guys like Watson and Moore ended up in great landing spots but had worse draft capital and were less heralded than a guy like Jameson Williams who ended up in a rough spot but could have the talent to overcome it.

Walker and Cook are the only other two running backs with first round consideration but each comes with risk based on landing spots and less than perfect scouting reports.

I could see zero quarterbacks taken in Round 1 of rookie drafts but Pickett slips in here and I think that is fine for QB-needy teams, as he was the only QB (surprisingly) drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft and actually landed in a QB-friendly team with the Steelers.

If you have a pick in the first round this year, outside of the top 4, I would probably advise trading up to a top 4 pick (preferably 1), or perhaps trading down (or out) to maximize your value, as it becomes a big cluster after the top four players.

Round 2 and beyond at the link for the full article...


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