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OTA’s Start Today! Can’t Wait to See the Rookies& Which Vets Show Up!

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7 minutes ago, Bruce Harper said:

He is an athlete -- I'll give him that.  What an unexpected bonus it would be if he could contribute this year.

I don't expect much from him, but I am willing to be pleasantly surprised.

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Zach was listed at 214 last year. If he gained 11 pounds (which he might have) his height and weight would be identical to Rodgers. That should quiet down the durability concerns. Rodgers has played every game in 10 of 14 seasons, 2 seasons where he missed a game (presumably to rest for playoffs) and missed 2 portions of seasons due to injury. With durability concerns piped down, i'll be looking to see if he developed an accurate short throw touch pass in OTA's. Changing speeds on his passes when necessary.

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11 minutes ago, nycdan said:

Thus begins the annual early summer tradition of reading each tweet thinking "XXX is great!" and "YYY sucks!" at the same time.  Only the names change depending on whether the pass was completed or broken up.

Truly a wonderous time of year.

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