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Dwayne Haskins Medical Examiner Report ... QB Had Ketamine In System, .24 BAC

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I don't want to judge a dead man, but based on the story this was a young man making a bunch of bad decisions that day which ended in a tragedy.

Special K was a thing in the 2000's as well. The scary sh*t is the "K hole"...



People describe a K-hole as an out-of-body experience. It’s an intense sensation of being separate from your body.

Some say it feels as if they’re rising above their body. Others describe it as being teleported to other places, or having sensations of “melting” into their surroundings.

For some, the K-hole experience is enjoyable. Others find it frightening and compare it to a near-death experience.

Several things can affect how you experience a K-hole, including how much you take, whether you mix it with alcohol or other substances, and your surroundings.

Generally, the psychological effects of a K-hole can include:

feelings of detachment or disassociation from yourself and your surroundings

panic and anxiety



changes in sensory perception, like sights, sound, and time



The physical effects can be pretty unnerving to some people, too. When you’re in a K-hole, numbness can make it difficult, if not impossible, to speak or move. Not everyone enjoys this feeling of helplessness.

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I’m more ****ed up than that right now and I still have the wherewithal to lock this thread. Not interested in blaming the victim here. Whatever the circumstance, it was a tragedy. 

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