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OTA Updates. Wednesday June 1


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3 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

Trust me, he is already penciled in as starter. Top 4 picks don't sit on the bench. 

Ironically, I think Solomon Thomas was one of the last non-QB top-5 picks who actually did sit on the bench.  But yes, it's extremely rare.

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49 minutes ago, Lith said:

At least DJ has experience in the league, unlike Gardner.  Force the rookie to earn his way up the depth chart.  He will, I just like that he is not anointed the starter before playing a down in the NFL.


19 minutes ago, OtherwiseHappyinLife said:

Reed is a proven NFL starter.  Gardner is a rookie

Not to be argumentative, but DJ Reed was a 5th rounder of the Niners when Saleh was there.  He had two starts in two seasons and was cut at the start of August with a non-football injury.  The Seahawks claimed him and put him on the NFI list.  They brought him back around Halloween and he started when Dunbar went down.  He started 22 games for the Seahawks.  In two full seasons with SF under Saleh, Reed played 485 snaps on D.  In a season and a half in Seattle he played 1,560.  IMO, he isn't exactly a proven starter in this system, and it is more likely they are handing him the job because they told him they would when they signed him and to protect his delicate psyche.  Also, if Gardner "earns the job" he looks good, while if they hand him the start and he falls on his face and looks bad it's a big deal.  Hardly anybody is paying any attention to proven NFL starter DJ Reed.

To recap, Saleh's Niners cut Reed when he was set to earn $1.7M for the next two seasons. He went to Seattle and started at that price.  Now Saleh's Jets have given him 3/$33M.  There were some reports that only $10M was guaranteed, but I think that it was $18M so, it is basically 2 years with a team option.

To fair, my assumption is that because he is a fidget (my height) he was looked at as a slot only corner and he wasn't getting run.  The Niners had Witherspoon, Sherman and Jason Verrett to play outside and K'wuan Williams at nickel.  The Seahawks had Dunbar, Shaq Griffin, Tre Flowers and Sidney Jones.  They let Reed walk and drafted Woolen and Bryant, two guys I liked a lot physically in this draft.  I think Saleh liked him and now that he sees that he can play outside is happy to have him back.  Presumably Reed liked Saleh too, in addition to the money.  Not sure what he was offered elsewhere.

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29 minutes ago, maury77 said:

Yeah, but I'm pretty sure he was annointed the starter even before the practices began (I could be wrong). Additionally, Saleh didn't say Gardner isn't starting because of Hall, Saleh said Gardner doesn't get the starting spot just because of draft position.

Look, its all semantics, I think we would all be shocked if Gardner isn't the starter by preseason game 1. I just don't like the inconsistency in Saleh's view from 1 season to the next and yes, I understand QBs are different. 

To me, it seems pretty easy:  it is out of respect for Bryce Hall.  The guy was our starter last year.

Wilson's competition last year?  Morgan (who never had a snap for the Jets) and Mike White (same).  

Plus...the fact that Wilson could breathe and walk at the same time made him "earn" it over those two!  I jest, but I really think Saleh is trying to be respectful to Hall TBH.

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2 minutes ago, Lith said:


Good to hear that back foot note.  Zach had a tendency early last season to take an extra “half step” back when he didn’t trust what he saw and that threw his timing off.  He was much better with this when he came back from the injury and seems to have picked up where he left off re: footwork.

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