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OTA Updates. Wednesday June 1


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4 hours ago, Warfish said:

An important point.

Darnold had piss all, and it clearly effected him.

Zach, in year 2 and 3, has no such excuse.

And if Zach fails, whomever we draft next, presumably will be in a much better spot support-wise than Darnold or Year 1 Zach.

Build the team to support whomever is QB.

If Darnold had the goods, it wouldn't have affected him.  But he didn't, because he sucked and still does. 

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22 hours ago, Warfish said:

Lawrence is not a Franchise QB yet either, he's clearly still TBD.

Allen is an odd exception to the rule for recent Franchise QB's, with how much running he does (and does well) and how long it took him to pass well.

Cousins wasn't a starter for any of his first three years, and Stafford was drafted ages ago now.

Let me give you an actual list of actual recently drafted Franchise QB's and Near-Franchise QB's, and their second year performances. 

This is a good baseline for what Franchise QB's produce in the NFL:

Joe Burrow Year 2 - 16 Starts, 70.4% Comp Rate. 288.2 Passing YPG.  34-14 TD-INT.

Tua Tags Year 2 - 12 Starts, 67.8% Comp Rate, 204.1 Passing YPG, 16-10 TD-INT.

Justin Herbert Year 2 - 17 Starts, 65.9% Comp Rate, 294.9 Passing YPG, 38-15 TD-INT.

Kyler Murray Year 2 - 16 Starts, 64.4% Comp Rate, 248.2 Passing YPG, 26-12 TD-INT.

Josh Allen Year 2 - 16 Starts, 58.8% Comp Rate, 193.1 Passing YPG, 20-9 TD-INT.

Lamar Jackson Year 2 - 15 Starts, 66.1% Comp Rate, 208.5 Passing YPG, 36-9 TD-INT.

Patrick Mahomes Year 2 - 16 Starts, 66.0% Comp Rate, 318.6 Passing YPG, 50-12 TD-INT.

Deshaun Watson Year 2 - 16 Starts, 68.3% Comp Rate, 260.3 Passing YPG, 26-9 TD-INT.

Jared Goff Year 2 - 15 Starts, 62.1% Comp Rate, 253.6 Passing YPG, 28-7 TD-INT.

Carson Wentz Year 2 - 13 Starts, 60.2% Comp Rate, 253.5 Passing YPG, 33-7 TD-INT.

So if Zach is in fact a Franchise QB, why should we not expect him to put up similar numbers?

It seems to be a recurring theme that folks here think Zach is an amazing, special, elite, franchise QB prospect that is above criticism......that we simply cannot expect to produce at all anywhere close to what other franchise QB's produce. 

Because "we're planning to rush the ball".  


Yea. I don't get it either. Im in the minority it seems. I think Zach is special and he will show it this year with a big step up in production. My bar for him is high. Even the most run heavy teams drop back to pass 30+ times. He’s going to have 500+ attempts if he plays 17 games. And if we’re successful running the ball, that should help Zach’s efficiency.

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On 6/2/2022 at 1:39 PM, Warfish said:

Not fight, no.  

What I want won't happen.  And that is for folks to stop doing one thing:

1. Starting 2022 with massively diminished pre-emptive-excuse-ridden diminished expectations for our supposed Franchise QB.

He either is a Franchise QB, and will produce as one, or he isn't.  There is no excuse that will change this fundamental issue.

If we're looking at 2,500 yards and a 15:12 TD:INT ratio at the end of 2022, there is no amount of "looking to rush" answers that will make such production anything less than a massive disappointment.

I'll repeat myself:  You may also "not expect big numbers" because you (and others) may lack any real faith that Zach can actually produce "big numbers".

Ryan Tannehill had no problem whatsoever putting up 3,800 yards and a 33-7 TD:INT ratio with a totally run-first offense and a WR group in part led by our very own Davis. Some might say that having a successful running game helped Tannehill's production, it didn't harm it.

And people here have said Tannehill sucks more times than I can count here at JN.  So if a guy who sucks can do it... 

"Looking to rush" is simply not a reason nor an excuse for low-levels of QB production.

A QB who is "consistently good", making good decisions and "making big plays" will produce quality production numbers.

Tanny doesn't suck..kid is good

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