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Offseason Dynasty Trades

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I tend to stay away from major blockbuster  trades and instead really focus on trying to flip middling assets for potential risers or players coming off a down year.

I've pulled off three trades so far this offseason on my rebuilding team feel free to let me know your grade on the trade. 

12 man 1 QB .5 PPR IDP Dynasty 

Gave: Boston Scott

Got: Tyler Conklin and Kalif Raymond 

Gave: Sterling Shepard and Kalif Raymond

Got: Darrell  Henderson 


Gave: Jamal Adams, CJ Mosely, Cam Heyward.

Got: Chase Claypool and Eddie Jackson 


I'm at an A on of these from my own grading 😜

Boston Scott in a muddy back field for Conklin and Raymond as a throw in

Henderson a 24 year old RB that will get touches for Sterling Shepherd approaching 30 coming iff an Achilles injury and  27 year old slot receiver Kalif Raymond whom I didn't want in the first place.

And then the piece de resistance 

Chase Claypool a 23 year old wide out with promise and throw in Eddie Jackson for 3 starters on Defense two of whom are aging and one who I really dont like. 

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