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18 minutes ago, slats said:

True, but he’s seen quite a bit more of Mims to date. I’ll take looking good for now. 

It's more than that, though. It's these two statements that stand out to me:

On Mims:

"Is much more confident in the offense. ... He's been putting himself in the best situation to be as successful as he can."

On Becton:

The thing for Mehki is, uh, you know, just, for him, just putting himself in the best situation for him, uh, you know, going forward."


Seems to be a lot less confident talking about Becton, than about Mims.

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40 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

Mimsy is a man on a mission.  Im still keeping my expectations low but this could get very interesting.

I’m as optimistic as I’ve been in a long time but I wouldn’t bet on this one.  

Just don’t see the football IQ or natural ability to separate from CBs at this level.  1 is bad, 2 very tough to overcome.  1 might mean he is easy to defend against man; 2 means he is having problems against man and zone.  Add in poor technique and hands …  

I wouldn’t be shocked if we trade him before the season starts to a team that plays more to his strengths, a jump ball deep threat.  Similar to what we saw in his first 6 or so NFL games.

This might be one of those ‘bad fits’ on the heels of a coaching transition.

All said, couldn’t be happier that we have Moore, Wilson, Davis and Berrios to go along with Carter/Hall and 3 new TEs


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2 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

Oh my

I’m hoping and waiting for game 1. Hopefully we see Becton has flipped the pancakes. What’s the ideal weight for Becton? 350? Would love to see him at 325. Average weight of an NFL Tackle is 315. He needs to stop effin around. As do the Jets and impose a 335 pound top weight or you’re history. I don’t care how big he is or what weight he thinks he can play at. It’s a disaster waiting to happen when you continue to play at such a heavy weight.  Cut done finis sliced squashed jettisoned. Coming off a really bad knee injury requires top physical condition and his weight has a lot to factor in keeping that knee ‘safe’ and not undergoing any extra unnecessary weight. Jets need to stop babying this issue. Make it public and put those demands out there. Put the pressure on Becton to GROW the EFF up. Becton either gets his game together or rides off to IHOP heaven. Enough already. 

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9 minutes ago, Lith said:

Hopefully, at some point, writers will start talking about the other 89 guys that are there and not just Becton.

Until the Jets give a more definitive take on Becton, the tension around his injury/weight/etc will be there.

Look at Mims. The team has put out glowing remarks about his offseason. All the comments about him being lazy are gone. Now the non-believers are waiting to see Mims in games.  But he is not receiving any hate from fans or beat reporters.

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1 hour ago, jgb said:

Mims is one tier below the Julio Jones WR tier of physical ability. I’m afraid his issues reside in the one part of the body you can’t improve in the weight room.

His maleness...below the equator?

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