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Mini Camp Updates


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Nice to see positive reports on Mims. There is literally zero chance he had food poisoning and then Covid. It was something else that they managed to keep hidden. The difference in his appearance from last year to this year is astounding. If he can become the guy we drafted it would make our offense really loaded and able to exploit almost any defensive scheme.

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6 minutes ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

So the SOJFs will have to pivot their talking points from:

OMG Wilson isn't accurate!!!


OMG who cares about completion numbers in training camp????


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11 minutes ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

Can we start a Jets Defense has struggled with consistency thread please?

Exactly where I was going.

zach is fine.

the defense stinks even with the additions.

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13 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

Braxton Berrios is going to lead the NFL in receptions.

Ok, maybe not but he will definitely lead the NFL in sexiness. 


Someday Braxton berrios will not- 

never mind - where is bornjets.

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1 hour ago, Trotter said:

Irony would be we tried to get the big physical receiver in the off season and yet we have him all along.

does this org get that lucky?

No they don’t but holy hell if they do! 

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4 minutes ago, Lith said:


Nice to have guys who can help out the QB a little for a change. Even just the confidence the guy can come down with the ball when it’s intentionally placed somewhere a little more difficult but away from the defender(s).

Feel like for years the potential franchise QB had to do everything on their own and that’s just not a realistic representation of what NFL quarterbacks on good teams have to do, even harder for a young guy.

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