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McGovern Still Standing as Jets Man in the Middle


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NFL Fans can be a finicky bunch.  Add a proven veteran who fills a need in free agency and the masses rejoice.  Watch that same player have a rough start and those same fans will demand he be released.  That’s how things played out for Jets center Connor McGovern, but the Jets rejected the calls for his ouster and held tight.

The Missouri product had entered the league in 2017 as a guard for the Denver Broncos.  After moving to center in his third year, he hit free agency and signed with the Jets to fill what had been a black hole since the departure of future Ring-of-Honor member Nick Mangold.

#Jets thinking: They like Connor McGovern & believe he will excel in the Kyle Shanahan/Mike LaFleur offense.

Moving him to guard wasn’t ever something they considered. https://t.co/uO5XgXMJye

— Connor Hughes (@Connor_J_Hughes) March 15, 2021

Things didn’t go well for McGovern in his first season with the Jets, but that could have been said about pretty much anyone on the 53-man roster under the since fired and still unemployed Adam Gase.  With Gase engineering what was the NFL’s worst offense, McGovern had his share of struggles and many worried that he would join a long list of poor signings for Gang Green.

Fast forward the 2021 off-season and the Jets didn’t pursue any replacements in free agency and reportedly liked McGovern’s fit in the team’s new offense.

As it turned out, the Jets were right.  McGovern’s play from year one to year two with the Jets was night and day.  This meant McGovern would stays while being flanked by Laken Tomlinson at left guard with Alijah Vera-Tucker moving from left to right.

Connor McGovern: Career best 78.9 run blocking grade last season. 9th highest among all Centers💪 pic.twitter.com/tFvS8k2Rjn

— PFF NY Jets (@PFF_Jets) June 12, 2022

What this means for the Jets offense is that their young quarterback has continuity at a vital spot.  Meanwhile, Vera-Tucker will have an experienced center to lean on as a mentor.

Replacing McGovern may have been what some wanted, but sticking with the veteran was the right call all along.




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1 hour ago, 65 Toss Power Trap said:

Need him to play well. Tackle is already a question mark. We don't need any worries at Center.

No reason to expect him to regress.  His first year with the team was the outlier.  Was a good player before and after that season.  I like the idea of keeping a vet to work with the young QB.

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12 hours ago, Warfish said:

An acceptable placeholder.

But the position can (and should) be upgraded next year in the draft, if possible.

It's one of those things you do if the opportunity presents itself but not a move that should be near the top of your "to do" list.

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Don’t gets the opinion he should be upgraded, which I’ve heard a number of times thru the off-season.  Continuity on the line is a benefit especially when you grade out as the #9 overall center (PFF), doing so with a rookie QB who held the ball too long and offensive playmakers that went down like flies.  His contract is reasonable given his performance so no issues there.  He’s also what 30 years old.  A seasoned but not ancient vet to lead the youngsters to his right.

I can’t wait to see how he performs with the Jets offense this year, centered between 2 very capable guards.  

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i don't see any issue with mcgovern.  as others have pointed out now he's going to play between two good tackles and so his play should improve.  he also seems to have an attitude and likes blocking on people.  that's a good thing to have on the oline.

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7 hours ago, AFJF said:

It's one of those things you do if the opportunity presents itself but not a move that should be near the top of your "to do" list.

I disagree, I think a long-term, elite-level Center is a major need.

Caveat:  this is as we sit today, not knowing how this draft class, or even this last three draft classes, will truly work out this year.  If Sauce is a bust, say, then CB becomes a much bigger need.  If Lawson and Johnson are both bad, edge is a much bigger need, etc.

JMO.  And obv. it's very early to be talking 2023 Draft.

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It bothers me a little that they haven’t made a meaningful effort to develop someone behind McGovern or extended him. Huge potential hole next offseason, even more problematic with Fant also a UFA and Becton a question mark. Don’t really want them to need three new OL.

Can’t even really tag McGovern since it’s an OL tag not a center tag so you’d basically be paying him left tackle money.

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