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Zach Wilson has potential to become 'big-timer'

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3 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

Its the tried and true hate your owner take

Meanwhile if he was in the room when the trade was made he would shlt his pants with excitement 😁

Yeah this is weird one. Imagine being bent out of shape there’s good communication among leaders in a business?

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11 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

A few misses isnt throwing balls in the dirt.  You dont get it, good for you.

Interesting that Sabo doesnt say this on his camp revue.  Or anyone else.  After being at around 80% comp%  

So you worry about a couple of passes.  To dispute all the good revues 

Youre tiring.  What was the last name you posted under?  

Ok,  so you never played baseball and don't know what short hop means... it means ball in the dirt... period..... Sabo's words not mine... I cannot explain it to you any better than that. 

I can't speak for Sabo's words in different interviews... I'm not him.

Apparently you've never played football..... not worried at all about Zach at all and even said I hope it's fixed by September.... it's a mechanical "eyes feet arm". And further.. when Sabo says he is over processing... almost certainly the cause. It's just plain fixable. 

You still haven't answered for fake quoting me or any of the other garbage you pulled today... you're just trying to change the subject and hope no one sees


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10 minutes ago, 65 Toss Power Trap said:

Super frustrating he can't figure that out. 

I don't think so man. It's mechanical and correctable. 

We're in a good place.  I believe he was qb1 in the draft,  maybe qb 1a with Lawrence.  I also believe a rookie year of a playing qb is a useless measure..... example... what was everyone saying burrow/ Herbert year 1.

Note: my belief doesn't mean anything lol,  I might be totally wrong. 


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