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Why do the Jets suffer the most injuries?


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26 minutes ago, CSNY said:

Great idea but unfortunately Jets and Giants skimped on the stadium they built 

IMHO, MetLife is the worst stadium in the league.  A big gray VAPID POS designed with profits in mind and not fan experience.  The combined pockets of two NY Metro area media market teams and that hunk of sh*t is the best they could come up with ???

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8 hours ago, rangerous said:

isn't that the truth?  it seems like winning teams just don't have the injuries.  the players want to play and be on the field.  maybe not so much with jets players.  hopefully they can start out hot and still be in the playoff hunt at week 6 or so.

It’s not close to the truth.

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3 hours ago, jgb said:

Also found that site, also unwilling to pay. It's not my claim that Jets are "the most" injured so I have no need to either support nor refute the statement.

I'd be willing to wager that if one were to take the entire universe of data, one would see a strong correlation between time lost due to injuries and the fortunes of their teams. It would be idiotic for players to risk further injury and borderline immoral for teams to push guys back to action in lost seasons. I mean now we have healthy guys sitting out college bowl games to preserve their health. Why risk a career-ending aggravation of an injury to help a 3-13 team get to 4-13?

So basically reduce the chances of getting a bigger contract by missing time due to injury.

SF lost a huge part of their team. Bosa and their starting QB in week 2, along with other key members of their roster

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