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49 minutes ago, THE BARON said:

He was arguably, the best defensive player of his era, but years before the QB and forward pass played heavy ??? I can't see calling him the best defensive player of all time. 

Superlatives are dramatic, but not scientific. 

You wanna crown him ??? Go ahead (SLAM) Crown him !!!!

I would take Gastineau or Klecko for a ten year run in the 80s before LT.

When Revis was at his best, he had more impact on any given game than LT

And how did LT do when Walsh was calling the offense for the opposition ???

Most lists have him best ever.

Not scientific?  How could it be

I get it, you hate the Giants so much you’re blinded into believing that Revis, Gastineau or Klecko were better.  In the 80’s or now.  
How did LT do against SF?  Quite well given his teams went 3-1 vs the 9’rs in playoff games and more to the point better than any other defensive player played against that all time great team.  

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47 minutes ago, jgb said:

The guy stated the opinion of some pundits. He then asked a clarifying question to you to get your opinion on that. This was your response.

See above.

That’s actually not how it went but forget it

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I remember watching LT on MNF and he would get Triple teamed and still beat them all and get the sack, he was unstoppable.


LT is the best OLB ever.


Harry Carson on best ever MLB list.


Gotta say I also love how Lott cut off his finger to play.

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