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OT: MLB All-Star Game


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All star festivities for MLB are the best in pro sports by a mile.

Kershaw starting his 1st All-Star game and at Dodger stadium.  As a Dodger fan who made my first trip to Dodger stadium last summer, this is bliss.

Move this thread as needed, but if anyone is watching and wants to do a game thread, let’s do this.

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2 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

I hit a nice win on Soto in the derby last night 

Nice. I had him as well.

Local radio picked Alonso, Ramirez and someone else. I figured they know nothing so scratched those out and went with soto

rolled it over into Al minus 1.5 and judge and otomi to hit a hr. 

not looking great but makes it somewhat interesting

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11 minutes ago, Trotter said:

Looks good right now - good luck.

Dropped that live with 2 outs top of 1st. You guys gave me the thought of making a bet on this.  I think it was -115 before the 1st.    I like that the NL wins the tie breaker, thanks to Soto.

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1 hour ago, Dcat said:

I either watch this or episode 9 of BCS.  I've suspected this is Kim's write off episode since last season when her hotel room key said "609".  They've done this stuff before. Bye Kimmy.

Going to watch right now too. Do you have the AMC+ app and is there anything else worthwhile on there? GF gets it free through work somehow. 

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