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8 minutes ago, AltonBrown said:

Why’s this guy being such a dick to Mehki Becton? Half of his Twitter posts this week have involved Mehki. Kind of strange obsession. 

Because Becton has been possibly the "biggest" story of the off season?

You know, other than Zach's Mom's friend, or whatever.

If Becton lives up to his potential, the Mean one will be writing very flattering things about Mehki.   If not, well, that'd be a huge waste of talent.

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Re:  Cimini and Benton.

Waaaaay back, when Cimini was at the NYDN, he was really negative. Since leaving, he has been a pretty sharp reporter. He’s a smart guy. He still likes to be negative but he balances that with some pretty solid analysis.

Getting mad when he sticks pins in people is counterproductive. You’re feeding his habit. When he goes off the deep end, just skip ahead.

Becton is the proverbial half glass of water.  What we’ve seen in Camp is pretty damned good considering what we saw at Mandatory Mini Camp. Could it be better?  Obviously.

From a weight and strength perspective. He at an acceptable level for a pro.  He’s not aerobically fit but soon will be. He has accepted the shift to RT.  If we were offered this as a choice at MMC, we would have jumped at it.

The issue is maturity. He’s taken a few steps in the right direction.  Let’s hope it continues.

As for the OL having a tough day, why is anyone surprised. OL’s have to gel. We have one new starter and two position switches. Again, who would expect them to be a cohesive unit?

Jets couldn’t have had a better first 2 days of camp. Have a cocktail and chill.

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14 hours ago, Mogglez said:

I’m not a fan of Cimini in the slightest, but his job is to report on things that happen, good or bad.  It’s Becton’s job to give Cimini good things to write about him.  Yesterday he gave him good things to write.  Today, with things slightly “ramped up” (run heavy day, more aggression from the defense) he did not.  At all.

bullsh*t, he is not objective...and i never give a crap what these fake football scouts say. i remember my son had a school teacher once, she was literally mean to kids...not because she hated them....she has just been in the school system dealing with all their bullsh*t too long, she was over it.

So this is the Cimini u get now, doing one job for too long, jaded by all the losing...if i had to guess he prob hasn't "loved it" for years.

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