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Training Camp Tweets - (Previous Days Merged)


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34 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

They let two WR go, one added next to nothing to the roster the other was undependable, hard a hard time staying on the field.

I agree, they’ve surrounded him with talent.  That’s what needed to be done to improve the passing game.  The leagues best passing offenses all have QBs surrounded by talent.  J Allen improved with the addition of a top of the league WR, they didn’t rely less on him.  
I have no doubt the running game will be relied on.  IMO to set up passing game with play action and to keep the D honest, not to bring back ground and pound.  

Run game best friend of any qb..


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1 minute ago, Hal N of Provo said:

Quick throw - looked good to me. 

I’m just messing. Getting too excited, need to bring myself down a notch haha. But I do want to see him manipulate defenses a lot this year with his eyes. 

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2 hours ago, Hal N of Provo said:

Not a popular opinion, but I think most of the playoff teams would win the SB a bunch of times if they played the playoffs 100 times.   

The Jets last season are not winning a SB if they replayed that season 10,000 times though.  

I want the Jets to be a team that has a  chance.  

If the QB can be a top half league player, we’ll be one of those teams. If not…

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2 minutes ago, PorP said:

Is this just straight break down in the o line or is Wilson also holding the ball to long? 

Last year, the reporters made sure to mention if the ball was being held too long.  Haven’t heard a peep about that so far this year.  It sounds like they’re just getting beat.

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