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Jets get rid of cheerleaders, no more Flight Crew


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1 hour ago, Rhg1084 said:

Woody is a moron lol 


I've always been ambivalent about the whole cheerleader thing.  On one hand, it presents the gals as passive sexual receptacles and not much of anything else.  On the other hand, it does create jobs and opportunities for the performers.  A lot of them are also professional dances or involved in the performing arts.  Listing "NFL Cheerleader" on a resume probably helps open other doors for them.  The women very much want those jobs, so who am I to say it is a bad thing in general ???


If the Jets brass decided to close it down, they should have at least announced it the season before it came to an end. 

Send out a letter to all... "After the conclusion of the 2022 season, the NJY will be disbanding the Flight Crew"

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35 minutes ago, Warfish said:


Has no place in modern professional sports.  This isn't High School.

If you want T&A, go to PornHub.

Ah, come on.  No one is forcing those ladies to objectify themselves.  It’s actually a fierce competition to get chosen. 
This isn’t sexually abused strippers paying for their meth habit.

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4 minutes ago, freestater said:

Of course they informed the ladies in the worst conceivable way. 

Classy. As always. 

The timing could have been better being so close to the season, but with that said, the complaint that they waited until after other tryouts is irrelevant. 

The girls that make up these squads are 99.9% from the local areas with the exception of the Dallas Cowboys, none of them are travelling around trying out for various teams, with the exception of a small small percentage.

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Never much cared about the cheer squad either way.  Prefer not to have them because it feels dated and unnecessary.  Also not worth the potential problems of sexism or harassment occurring. 

Hopefully we don't need the distraction either because we'll have an actual NFL caliber football team to watch for once.

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35 minutes ago, Embrace the Suck said:

Whatever, they were generally kind of busted anyway. No one with a male reproductive organ, and a straight eye, watches cheerleaders for the great choreography. As for the boomer comment above (which I think means anyone 30 or above these days) at least we're checking out in the flesh women, as opposed to anime tentacle porn on iPhones. 🤭   

Probably would have needed 8 locker rooms to handle all the possible combinations 🙄

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