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Since I'm New Here ...


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3 hours ago, NewGuyJet said:

Is this like prison?  Is there someone I need to kick in the balls to show how tough I am?  Bring her to me!

If you looked at the Gallows, you would notice that JN takes no prisoners 

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17 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

We don't know much about football here, but if you need expert medical or legal advice you're in the right place @NewGuyJet.

as evidenced by most posts from a certain few on this so called forum.... @Jetsfan80, no need to get sensitive, I wasn't talking about you lol...

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19 hours ago, NewGuyJet said:

New kid on the block here.  Looking forward to getting to know you all.

Oh and welcome.... Get to know the resident OLD guys, we're the only sane ones lol... We've at least seen a JETS SB.

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12 hours ago, NewGuyJet said:

Since the mid to late 70s.  I've got the open sores to prove it.

It has been a very long time brother. I feel most for Jets fans who started up in the mid 70's.  At least I got to see SB III on my black & white 12 inch Zenith with rabbit ear antenna when I was 10.  You guys are the one who have suffered the longest without any recollection of the excitement of that game.   Do you go to games?

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