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What is your level of excitement as of today?

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How excited are you as of today in light of the Becton issue  

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  1. 1. Are you excited about the team?

    • Not at all, but this is how I felt all year
    • Feel the same as I fully expected this to happen
    • Feel the same because I will soon be saying Thank You JD, Thank You
    • All gas and no breaks

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Disappointed that Becton is out for the season. As for the team, I’m still optimistic. Since we didn’t have Becton last year the Jets are really replacing Morgan Moses at RT. Find someone at MM’s level of play and we should have a much better Oline this year with the addition of LT and a second year of running the scheme. 

Add in the improved talent on each side of the ball with the improved play of Zach in training camp, the Jets should be a lot more fun to watch this year. 

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8 hours ago, RichardTodd27 said:

Gonna try and stay positive:

Glad the becton injury happened now as opposed to week 3. Plenty of time to shift gears and sign a quality tackle.

Lot of options out there  

See, I really would have liked to have seen Becton play preseason  and some regular  season games just to get a read on him. I think the people who are screaming he should be dumped are not considering how good he was his rookie season. Right now though, we have a guy that can't  get on the field so which really sucks.

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It sucks that he got injured again.

Better now than right after the season started again, particularly if he’d had a strong August. The team’s more likely to search for an adequate starter (and perhaps also a more adequate OT3 behind both starters) this way.

Since Saleh had already named Fant the starting LT, don’t count me among those that are in the “Oh no, season’s over because we’re starting a different new RT this year.” 

Someone already mentioned above: the overall situation is unchanged in that this team goes as far as ZW takes them. This isn’t like most of line is out; nor all the WRs are out; nor we never had any TEs in the first place; nor the D has put them in must-pass possessions too early to often; nor all the coaches are rookies, installing both a new offense & defense for the first time. It’s a RT.

Plus this is as good a season as any to have this happen, as the league still has more than a handful of starting tackles still available as FAs. Granted some are better than others, but they’re not heading into the season with just Edoga/McDermott on one side of the line. As long as they have a legit starter at RT the season’s outcome isn’t now suddenly doomed from the start.

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Now I'm actually more excited than I was with Mekhi. He was always going to be an injury concern, and he was coming off of a year off, and while he showed flashes of dominance in the run game his rookie year, it was inconsistent. 

Brown was a pro-bowler last year, blocking in front of Geno Smith at QB. Today, regardless of Mekhi's circumstances, the offense and the team is upgraded. 

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