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1 minute ago, WowOhWow said:

Has nothing to do with this forum.  The team needs to give the fans some hope.  This is a pathetic start.  Has nothing to do with emotional fans.  Swiss cheese D.  Stupid personal foul.  int that was ridiculous.  Show up

it has everything to do with this forum. maybe if everyone was a little more positive the players would wanna play harder

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1 minute ago, ZachEY said:

Our vaunted d-line looking over-matched again, our offensive line is pitiful, and Wilson sucks… But, it’s only preseason!

I have been assured that this roster is stacked. Stacked I say!

With what I'm not exactly sure but it doesn't smell very good.

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Reminder; on the occasions Wilson was not the QB last season, this was a decent NFL offense. 

Instead they're gonna keep pretending Bandana Boy is gonna happen. 

Why the f___ do I keep watching this s___ when every 3-5 years they pick the wrong QB? 



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Just now, Joe W. Namath said:

This is an embarrassment.  Saleh better give these guys an ass chewing.  They are unprepared to play and lifeless.

Hopefully getting punched in the mouth will spark change.  

I wanted water coolers kicked over, chalkboard smashed etc.  This is unacceptable.

Out come the diseased negative Jets fans 

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