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5 minutes ago, Ecuadorian Jet said:

why in the world would we do that?? the rest of the team still sucks...its not like the rest of the team is looking good

I mean, do you really want to go through drafting and failing to develop another rookie QB again?

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2 minutes ago, Jolot said:

Funny listening to Otis Livingston say the offense and defense are both deflated about Wilson . He sucks and they all know it , every single one of them would rather have Flacco playing I would bet my mortgage 

Lol the whole team came out deflated and unprepared. That's on the CS. 

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Just now, Joe W. Namath said:

Guys, there is no "If" here.  Zach blew his knee out.  It was clear as day.

This is just unbelievable.




We know this... BUT... your antics the last 365 days have robbed you of the right to be in disbelief. 

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This whole 'pin back the ears' Dline thing just looks like a bunch of guys grabbing Olineman and dancing while one guy stunts himself out of position so the offense can run the play without any difficulty at all.

No one that plays outdoors in a cold climate runs this stupid defense. Only the Jets.

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8 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

Sadly, we should had the porn star mustache guy Minshew last year before the Eagles.

Yep been banging that drum for awhile now. We called the right team but traded for the wrong dude last season.

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2 minutes ago, shuler82 said:

There’s usually a pop when you tear your ACL.. loud enough you know somethings wrong and you don’t get up.  Hoping it’s a ‘sprain’ and not a complete tear at this point but knowing this franchise…

It’s also usually on the push off after a plant. This looked like it happened as he planted. My initial thought was a hyper extension. 

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