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Robert Saleh is a Fraud.


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6 minutes ago, Obrien2Toon said:

I get he has to tone down a little the act he did on the niners sideline, but could he show a little fire 

Groh, Herm, Mangini, Ryan, and Bowles were all MUCH better Coaches than this new age pussy. 


But hey, as long as everyone goes to bed tonight feeling better than this morning, who cares, Right?

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Lets see.

Option 1: Hire the coach that made an inaccurate farm boy into MVP candidate, Super Bowl favorite QB.

Option 2: Hire the coach that got his defenses ass whipped by the coach and QB from option 1.

Tough, tough choices.

Good job JD.

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19 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

Typically we have to wait until early October to give up on the season... this is definitely a new record ... 2 drives into preseason.

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#truth. Least there won’t be a build up first.🤣

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