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6 hours ago, doitny said:

he threw a few INTS deep that i remember vs Buffalo. 

ok i know, its Buffalo. how about his Intended Air Yards per Att ( Avg Depth of Target whether complete or not ) was 5.9 yds. the NFL leader board only went up to the top 33 and # 33 was Jarred Goff at 6.4 yds. Zach was tied for 18th at 7.6 yds. Flacco was 7.9 yds. 

maybe he can throw it deep but he doesn't. few times he does it doesn't end too well. so therefore, he can't throw deep.


The games he played in namely cinncy they were playing him deep and giving up the underneath and intermediate stuff which he took advantage of and rightfully so. That was the bulk of his throws with a sample size of 9 quarters and one of the teams being Buffalo would you expect there to be numerous throws deep also considering Cinncy was a top five defense in the NFL at the time of that game.

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