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My Wife had an MRI of her brain this week


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God Bless Lauren and all of you. It is a timely reminder with great, great news. The people that we love, those relationships ultimately is where life exists...the rest is just noise.

As Jets fans we get each other, we get community. That is the gift of what we share.

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Lauren’s battle is the same my mother fought during all of the 1970’s. First diagnosed with breast cancer…. Double radical mastectomy. 

After that they found it had spread to the spine and brain. Battled for another few years but eventually succumbed in 1982. 

I am so happy that the technology available to Lauren far surpasses that from 40 years ago. 
That said, it takes a special type of person to fight that hard, for that long without giving up   

Special acknowledgment to you and your kids for encouraging & supporting her every step of the way. May God grant you all rest, good health & peace for the remainder of your days

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Amazing news!  As a fellow cancer survivor I know the physical and emotional toll it takes , not only on the patient but the entire family and support system. 

Wishing nothing but the best for Lauren and your family going forward. 

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... watching Lauren battle for the past 9 years, man it sure has changed my perspective.
Here is to some good news for Zach Wilson on Saturday!
Max .. you guys are inspirational ... love to your whole.family ... and you as the rock ... it's your cross and it looks good on you brother.

Best to lauren she is a warrior.

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