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JJ, Sauce and Wilson


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Clemons’ intensity, constant QB pressure, and ideal DE physical tool set were the only positives a Jets fan could extract from that first preseason game. 

JJ did hustle, as I was initially amazed how much faster David Harris #52 got over the off season, then recalled its 2022 and it was actually the rookie JJ.

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Clemons looked like a player.  The guy hustles.

Ruckert was manhandling defenders.. albeit 3rd stringers- but the kid  can block.

Breece looked quick when he had room to run. 

Sauce didn't appear to get targeted, but also looked like we were playing more zone in the first quarter?

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Zonovan popped, Streveler blew my mind from what my expectations were, Hall looks legit, Ruckert looks good, and Clemons looks like Frankenstein's monster when he's chasing the QB
This is all accurate ... was focussing on the big 3. Good breakdown though

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