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JOE IS IN!!!: Klecko is 1 of 3 Sr Nominees for the Hall


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If you're interested in going, I found this place a little north near the Akron/Canton airport.  Decent room rates, a lot of other places are $300+/night, not available or showing as sold out.

Free cancellation through July 27, 2023 so if he ends up not getting in (despite reports that as of now, it's only a formality) or something else comes up for you....there's plenty of time to cancel.





I booked based upon the assumption that the Hall of Fame game will be thursday night August 3rd and the induction ceremony will be Saturday August 5th.  No dates are listed yet on the HOF website, but it's typically the first week in August with the Thursday/Saturday schedule.

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10 minutes ago, NYJ37/12 said:

Fantastic!! Extremely nice man and one of the best to ever play. Congratulations Joe!

He lives by my sisters place in NJ, I’ve seen him shopping at the Italian Deli close by and he’s extremely nice

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2 hours ago, BigRy56 said:

The Jets will have 2 players going into the hall of fame next August? Let's go man

Have to wonder if the Jets will get an extra preseason game next year. Haven’t played in the HoF game since Browning Nagle, I think… ? 

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