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Remember even if 53 Make the roster 7 don’t play every week


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What is the difference between the active roster and the game-day roster?

Well, these are designations for the regular season, but this is a good place to explain each.

Active (game day) list: If a team has a minimum of eight offensive linemen (primary position being center, offensive guard or offensive tackle) on the active game day roster, the maximum roster size is 48 players. If a team has fewer than eight offensive linemen, the maximum drops to 47.

Active/inactive (53-man roster) list: The active/inactive list remains at 53 players for the regular season and playoffs. However, a team can increase its roster to 54 or 55 players by using the standard elevation addendum (click here for the full explanation) to bring one or two practice squad players to the active/inactive list.


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