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Report: Panthers Interested in Dealing for Jets’ Mims


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Denzel has done nothing in the league.  He should just play out his contract and get better,  then go where he wants.  If The Jets want, they can stash him on the 53 and be inactive every week. Him asking for a trade is laughable. If he is active and pouts and does not want to play hard, he will be drummed out of the league after his rookie contract. It is about being a professional.

The Jets are in the drivers seat.

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18 minutes ago, SickJetFan said:

not really because that would mean taking a roster spot from a guy like Cager, BAM, or Charles for a guy who doesnt want to be here - not to mention what that does locker room cancer

This team is average at best, these prima-donna's do not get to dictate terms, he is under contract and that's, that. Be a professional. They will carry 6 receivers and 5 will be active every week.  Denzel will be on the outside looking in and The Jets can destroy any credibility he still has with the league.  Bam looks average, kick-off returns against scrubs mean nothing in pre-season.  They will carry 4 TE's and Cager will make it.

Ask your boss to be traded to another group and you will be on the unemployment line, if they do not bow down to your terms.

If he was a professional, he would just do the job asked and shut up.

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33 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

I was actually wondering who he would play over in Carolina. 

If his goal is to get starting reps - what team is realistically doing that for him? 


There's more opportunity there than with the Jets. After Moore there's Anderson , who is terrible and Marshall , who has been as disappointing as Mims.  It's a WR wasteland there. 

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