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13 minutes ago, undertow said:

Don't worry guys Mike White is going to tear up the G-Men.

Hopefully we don’t see him at all lol

I’d rather see more of Chris Streveler.. at least he earned it by playing better than Mike “Noodle Arm” White 

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8 minutes ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

Need some posts to offset the rash conclusions based on 3 passes by Wilson and the perpetual Flacco circle jerk.  He’s a serviceable back up, not the season savior. I hope I’m wrong

*Note to self*

Don't invite confessed nonbeliever Joe Willie White Shoes to the 2023 Joe Flacco Super Bowl MVP party circle jerk.

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15 minutes ago, RSJ said:


24th in yoc makes you a top 30 rb? Lol ok

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The line opened up few easy holes last year, and few RBs break as many tackles as he did. Most of that 4.3 ypc was after contact. That was top 10 (6-way tie for 8th among RBs last year).

He’s not a 20-25 carry bellcow, got injured multiple times, and needs to be a more consistent blocker, but he far from sucks as a runner. 

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