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Wilson goes through workout today


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On 9/5/2022 at 4:04 PM, jNYC1 said:

Zach should sit for at least 4 weeks.  He's too precious to risk him playing...

  • before he makes up the 4 weeks of practice time that he missed
  • before the "expensive" (and highly invested in) offensive line has at least 4 weeks to gel
  • before he has had enough time to learn on the bench
  • before he is game shape coming back from 2-4 week injury, that happened ~4 weeks ago

Not to mention he has to have at least 4 weeks of observing how to run the offense and how to use all the weapons at his disposal in this complex scheme.  

He can't possibly be expected to have timing with his receivers despite working with them extensively before the injury.   Also his injury probably took a mental toll that might take at least 4 games to heal.   And boy, these AFC North team are tough... not sure he can face them at 100%.  He'll need to be 110% physically and mentally.

If he comes back any sooner he was rushed back...

[*Please note: posted while hooked up to a sarcasm machine...*]


Saleh did mention in his presser that they wanted Zach 110% mentally and physically.  Abundance of caution approach…

Probably does protect the coaching staff a ton… if Zach were to come back and get hurt again or if Zach were to come back and play poorly.

Probably also not a big difference in ability to win games… 

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