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Flacco starting against Ravens; Wilson out until week 4: MERGED


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4 minutes ago, Jets Voice of Reason said:

To bemoan the lack of reps that the OL has together and also to not give starters more reps in practice or preseason seems pretty bad, no?

I think the Becton injury really messed things up for them...

they had to move the LT to RT, they had to bring a new LT (who seemingly was injured)

So now, all of a sudden you have a new LT playing with a new guard and new RT playing with a new guard.  This all happened pretty quickly.

The fault, ultimately lies with JD for not having a back up plan for Becton - which I think everyone and their mother could have seen coming.

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2 minutes ago, football guy said:

They feel the OL is much better today than it was last year. What they don't have confidence in is their readiness, their chemistry. Last year the OL played well later in the season when Fant-AVT-CMG-LDT/GVR-Moses were finally clicking and on the same page who was supposed to be where/do what on a given play. Now, they have Fant and AVT flipping to the right side plus a new LT-LG combo, not to mention both the LT and RT have had limited "live" reps with their counterparts on the starting line due to injury/late signing. While most OLs don't experience so much turnover, the "OL not being prepared" narrative at the start of the season is not something going away... every OL deals with issues because of the lack of "real" reps for OL in training camp and preseason.  

  1. Yes- it's perspectives from people who either work for the Jets and those close to them, plus my opinions mixed in. 
  2. Zach wants to play but is trusting the process. His docs and the team docs agree on the timeline for when he'll be "100%" recovered, but the team is making the decision for when he's actually going to play. If he were a top flight veteran QB, he's probably playing even if not 100%. It's not like the docs are saying "he can play week 4", the team is determining that while considering all factors. He's a team player but I believe he'll begin to get frustrated if he's not in there by week 4. 

ok but how they have more confidence in chemistry and readiness last year then this year really makes no sense to me since the entire line also was learning a new blocking scheme and had a lot of new players who never played in that scheme before, etc... etc.. etc..


This year 4 of the 5 guys have 1 or more experience in this zone scheme now and the 5th guy Duane also has experience being 15 year vet


The Jets OL is in far better shape than a lot of teams in NFL even with Duane shoulder

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41 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

Believe it or not, this forum or some random podcast is not indicative of the organizational or league wide belief in Wilson.  Whether or not those beliefs will be proven right or wrong is up for Wilson to decide.

This forum is the living embodiment of the "squeaky wheel" 

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4 hours ago, jgb said:

Thanks. If it wasn’t as I suspect, he would be week-to-week. Instead it’s the exact number of games to justify not IR’ing him so they can keep working him in practice. I would not be surprised if they are putting out trade feelers, honestly.

and its almost the exact time he missed in preseason. 

i said it before, of all the guys in this league he is the one guy who needed those 4 weeks the most. 

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