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Predict The Super Bowl Matchup For The 2022-23 Season


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So much depends on who gets home field in the conference championship games imo.

My fail 4 would be Buffalo vs San Diego and LA Rams vs Green Bay. If I had to pick the winners without knowing home field, I’ll go Buffalo vs LAR with Buffalo finally getting a chip.

Allen is so good he deserves to get a ring. The Buffalo defensive coordinator cost him a shot last year, I hope he gets another one this year.

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1 hour ago, Warfish said:

Buffalo vs. Minnesota

Josh Allen vs. Kirk Cousins having his Stafford Moment

Buffalo D poops the bed again.

Vikings win the Lombardi.

(P.S. I have no earthy idea who will make the Super Bowl).

Buffalo vs Minnesota would be a fascinating Super Bowl matchup.  2 teams with 4 SB losses each (and 0 wins).

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39 minutes ago, 92ShaunEllis92 said:

Chargers v Arz

Chargers are an interesting pick.

i like them and they are certainly are worthy of the pick but their coach concerns me.

got to give him the fact that it was his first year and maybe he learns from some of his decisions but man  o man he made some head scratchers.

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Colts vs Bucs , Brady goes out on top like we all know is the only way that SOB can go out . Everyone down on the Bucs bc they lost some lineman (like Brady doesn’t get the ball out in 2 seconds) and because the guy who least needed training camp in nfl history missed two weeks . Godwin evans gage and what I guarantee will be a rejuvenated Julio , guys gonna win mvp and Bucs are going to beat a colts team that’s overdue to make noise under frank reich , dominate run game very good number one wr , Hines is a good satellite back Ryan’s going to throw to a ton and I’m not Ryan’s number one fan but he’s much better than Carson wentz and much better than Phillip rivers was when they should have upset Buffalo 2 years ago

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