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Mike White Sucks — Crowd, Take Note Tonight


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10 minutes ago, Prodigal Syndicate said:

I dont think anyone believes Mike White is a franchise QB. Just that he is better than Flacco. The coaching staff and GM seem more concerned with protecting Wilson's ego and wanting to snuff out even the chance or possibility of a QB controversy than to play the better QB.

Joe Flacco is done. He provides nothing of value. There is absolutely no point of him being the starter. 

When did I say Flacco should start?

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1 hour ago, Jets723 said:

Look I’m fine with starting White but his fanbase I feel has gone overboard with how good he is.  Yes I understand he had one good game against a Bengal team that admittedly didn’t show up that day because they were playing a bad team 

No one is really saying "how good he is" all I'm saying is he can be a good QB who runs the offense well and should get the chance to correct some of his mistakes while Zach is out. At the very least it tells us can White be a long term back up for our young QB who has now been injured in both his first 2 seasons . Its obvious White has a grasp of the offense so why the 37 year old ? Thats really what this is all about its not about White replacing Zach or saying White is great its about not throwing games away with a tree in the backfield

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