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Worst investment of my life...


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18 hours ago, Warfish said:


I'm at the office today, in full Jets Gear, hat and G. Wilson jersey.

I know the year is likely yet another loser.  

But I'm still excited for the season to start, will look forward to watching the games, etc.

Sure, sucking badly will frustrate me, but no worries, it's short lived.  

And I'll still be here hoping someone at the Jets might finally "get it" one day.

As much as we suck....  Im with you. I am known around Charlotte as "Matt the Jets fan".  Jets stuff in my office, license plate etc.  We suck, I know we suck BUT I enjoy wearing a Jets jersey to events. It show's loyalty I suppose.

This year I will only wear my Klecko. Normally I wear my Namath (I have 2) but all year will be my 73.


Heck, every year I buy a dozen NY Jets logo golf balls to start the golf season.


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18 hours ago, Joe W. Namath said:

This board has officially jumped the shark.  A cesspool of misery.  It is truly unreadable. 

we have just accepted that the jets are gonna suck balls this year.....i personally find it amusing. i guess it might be hard for you and your blind over-the-top optimism......but a lot of it is kinda funny

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4 minutes ago, defensedoesntgetyoulaid said:


I'm known on my street as "That creepy nudist Bills fan". Luckily for the last few seasons the 'Bills Fan' is no longer the most embarrassing part of the nickname 

There was a poster on a Bills site that had a sig that said something like... "If you went into a Coma in the year 2000 and didn't wake until 2016. You basically missed nothing. "   It was funny.

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Investment?  I vowed to never spend another dollar on the NFL/Jets or anything ever again after the Kaepernick bull sh*t.  It's a great feeling.  In fact, I've made money on the NFL betting against the Jets and winning in fantasy football!  This is my game day t-shirt now.


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