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This lies directly on JD and Saleh. Not the players on the field. 

These guys are what they are. 

They chose to keep guys on the active roster that had no business making this team, over guys that actually played well in the pre season. 

I would bet my ******* soul that Streveler, Jackson, and Knight (who all earned spots), would have been more electric than this sh*t. 

This is what happens when you play roster politics to protect the image of your sh*tty GM, rather than play/start the guys that deserve to do so. 

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1 minute ago, carlito1171 said:

Ok I’ve jumped Ship.....start White next week.....this offense has our OBs old man identity 


White hive open up a spot for me 

College Basketball Dancing GIF by UNC Tar Heels

I mean if they start Mike White I’ll support it but if you think Mike White us the difference no matter how bad the oline plays the. You’re smoking a lot of crack.  If our oline plays like they did today then it doesn’t matter who starts 

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1 minute ago, neckdemon said:

There's no excuse for having an online this bad

True they’ve been bad.  Although obviously nobody expects Becton to go down for the year again and for Brown to get injured too.  But JD needs to make a move.  He had extra cap room now and needs to get more oline help for Wilson more than anything 

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