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28 minutes ago, JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF said:

Flacco has been hit about 10 times.  Tough for routes to even develop when your QB not only gets hit like that but can’t move in the pocket with the hope something can develop.  Only time for 1 read, if it’s not there the play is DONE....Hence what is it 0 for 9,10,11....on 3rd  down.  F....in BRUTAL.  Flacco should never see the field again.  Just those 3rd down stats from today scream that.  Forget about not ever getting in the end zone.

OC needs to gameplan to the players he has not the ones he wished he had

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1 minute ago, Mogglez said:

The game was competitive going into halftime and probably would have been closer had the geriatric AARP member you all dubbed Captain Stable could move the ball.  I don’t know why you’re all surprised.  I said two days ago I expected it to be close until the defense got gassed from being on the field 95% of the game.  That’s exactly what happened.  

Ravens had 10 points on their first 7 possessions.

You have to help the defense woth some time of possession and field position.

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I don't feel so bad about this.  They look like sh*t, but the weather is bad and I have no idea how good the Ravens actually are.  They often give me so hope in the opener only to sh*t the bed shortly thereafter.  2018.  Last year they showed some life in the 2nd half then almost immediately reverted.  I don't think they are this bad and the D actually looked good except for Hall and Joyner

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