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Week 1 - Other NFL Games

Barry McCockinner

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The NFL may have to create some type of QB grooming exemption where a QB drafted can not play for 2-3 years to simply sit and learn. Shouldn’t count as a roster spot nor against the cap - also the neophytes who don’t deserve to get the bag which forces a team’s hand to make a tough decision (Darnold situation) and reset the QB rookie contract while also team building. 

The issue of rushing a top pick to play when they’re simply not ready is what’s contributing to such $hitty QB play and league disparity and why your FQB takes up 80% of team salary 

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3 minutes ago, BallinPB said:

Lineman got beat but Geno needs to feel that better and step up.  His first real sorta mistake tonight.


And that comes with playing experience.

he’s really shown great strides. He always had the talent, it seems he finally got the brains (understanding the game) and maturity to properly play the position. 

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So, it’s a one point game with under 7 mins left. Denver has FAILED on 4 1st and goal situations and deserve to lose this game. Geno has been astounding and you should feel happy for his vast improvement and maturity since his neophyte days with our tormenting Jets. 

The inner Jets fan knows we will be validated by a pick 6 or fumble to gift Denver the undeserved victory due to an opposing QB error. 

The TRUE Jets fans knows Seattle will win with Geno taking Victory formation and further add garlic salt to the festering wound (one of many) of “what ifs” of yet another talented former Jets player who excels in Greener (Neon in this case,no pun intended) pastures. 🙁

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On 9/11/2022 at 7:29 PM, Trotter said:

Gonna be a fun day in ny media tomorrow.

If saleh is smart, keep his mouth shut and no slogans.

simply say we were soundly beat and it is on me.

nothing more

Agreed, but Saleh couldn’t keep his mouth shut…

He went on the Kay show to tell everyone he’s collecting receipts. 🙄

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