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NFL Quick Hits; Rankings


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T.J. Watt

Week One Thoughts…

  • What happened to field goal kicking? It seems like everyone forgot how to kick a football all at once.  We have guys making monster kicks from fifty and even sixty-plus yards, while at the same time guys are shanking extra points and kicks from inside forty.  In some cases, these kicks are potential game tying or game-winning kicks.
  • T.J. Watt’s injury is the most disappointing thing about week one. Watching offenses try to deal with him as he wreaked havoc in opposing backfields this season was going to be fun.  As a fan of great defense, Watt’s absence from the field will make 2022 a lot less fun.
  • Hey, didn’t you used to be the World Champion Los Angeles Rams?
  • People other than fantasy football nerds need to learn the name D’Andre Swift.
  • Welcome back Saqoun Barkley.
  • That noise was the Tennesee Titan’s championship windows slamming shut.
  • That other noise was the ‘experts’ jumping back on the Kansas City bandwagon.
  • If you open that drawer marked ‘Done’, you’ll find the Dallas Cowboys in there. Do you think the Cowboys have any interest in Joe Flacco?  I can dream, right?
  • So, is this the final year New England will try to win without any skill position players?
  • The Lions and Texans ain’t going anywhere, but they play hard, and they are fun to watch.
  • Davis Mills is not bad.
  • I think Kahlil Mack enjoys playing against the Raiders.
  • Ja’Marr Chase…just wow!
  • I’m not sure why the Jags felt like they needed to replace James Robinson.
  • Justin Jefferson is still open.
  • I’m betting that I am not alone in hoping that Aaron Rodgers plays seventeen brutally painful games and goes away forever following the Packer’s last regular season contest.
  • New Rule Proposal: Teams with top ten draft picks can waive them in return for being able to switch divisions for three years. Think about it…what do the Jets need more – another failed top ten draft pick. or a chance to play in the NFC East for the next three years?  I can almost see it now.  Tagliabue steps to the podium…”and with the ninth pick in the 2023 NFL draft, the New York Jets trade places with the Philadelphia Eagles”.  Can you say “meaningful December games”?

Our Heroes in Green

Not only can’t I understand why Joe Flacco is starting games for the Jets, I don’t even know why he’s on the roster.  Why does a rebuilding team have anyone over 35 on its roster?  I understand the desperate moves the team had to make on the OL, but there’s no reason to have anyone as old as Flacco on this team.  Mike White wouldn’t do much worse.  He certainly brings more energy to the game.  If the Jets are going to lose, let’s lose with young guys.  Let White learn on the job or fail trying.  Let’s see if these guys can play.  Evaluate after the season.  Cut the guys who can’t get it done and find younger ones in the draft to fill their spots.

JetNation NFL Power Rankings

Week Two

  1. Buffalo Bills (Last Week: 2) – The Bills were impressive on both sides of the ball Thursday night. They were easily the hungrier team of the two on the field.  It would be nice if one of their backs led the team in rushing, instead of their quarterback, but it’s hard to find anything to improve on from their week one performance.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs (Last Week: 3) – Tyreek who? KC is still a problem for the rest of the league.  Without a certain unnamed speedy receiver, Mahomes hung 360 yards passing and five TDs on the overmatched Cardinals
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last Week: 6) – Brady has been having issues at home. The Offensive line is battered.  Yeah…whatever.  The Cowboys don’t want to hear it, not after getting shellacked at home by the “troubled” Bucs.  The Bucs held the Cowboys to an opening-drive field goal.  That’s it.  The Bucs were dominant the rest of the way.
  4. Baltimore Ravens (Last Week: 8)– The Ravens scored a business-like win on the road to open up the season. The price of Lamar Jackson’s new contract keeps ticking upward.  Maybe we can switch the signal callers for next season – Baltimore can have Flacco back and the Jets sign Lamar as a free agent.
  5. Los Angeles Chargers (Last Week: 9)– The Chargers and Raiders have a nice little rivalry brewing. LA took this one, but the Raiders were certainly game.  The Chargers took much better care of the football and it led directly to a week one win.
  6. Minnesota Vikings (last Week: Unranked) – the Vikings throttled the Packers offense Sunday while running and passing effectively on the Green Bay defense. The preview of life without Davante Adams was painful for the Packer faithful.
  7. Los Angeles Rams (Last Week: 1) – the champs seemed uninspired Thursday to open the season. Their half-hearted effort was made worse by Buffalo’s strong play. If the Rams care, they have the talent to repeat, but their level of interest in this season is a question after week one.
  8. Miami Dolphins (Last Week: Unranked)– the Dolphins served notice that it will be they, and not New England, that will be the biggest threat to Buffalo’s chances to repeat as AFC East champs. Tua was the better quarterback, and the Dolphins used three turnovers to finalize a solid win against the punchless Pats.
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers (Last Week: Unranked) – The Steelers defense spent most of the afternoon in the Bengals backfield. They will need more from Trubisky, but if their defense can maintain Sunday’s level of play without T.J. Watt, they won’t need much more.
  10. Cincinnati Bengals (Last Week: 5) – The Bengals revamped their offensive line to protect Joe Burrow.  It didn’t work in week one. Burrow was under siege all day, and Pittsburgh turned the Bengals over five times.  Pittsburgh may have an elite defense, but the Bengals will need to deal with stout defenses if they want to return to the big game.

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I’m not trying to be a jerk when I ask this, but did someone here at JN write this, or was it copied from somewhere else?

If it was done here, it’s by far the best written, most entertaining articl I’ve seen on the site. Well done!

One small quibble if I may, however…. No, we aren’t good enough to compete in the NFC East, sad as that may be.


  • Post of the Week 1
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12 hours ago, Green Ghost said:

I’m not trying to be a jerk when I ask this, but did someone here at JN write this, or was it copied from somewhere else?

If it was done here, it’s by far the best written, most entertaining articl I’ve seen on the site. Well done!

One small quibble if I may, however…. No, we aren’t good enough to compete in the NFC East, sad as that may be.


Thank you for saying that. It bugs me that the author name doesn't come over when the JetNation account auto creates a new thread.  So anything by JetNation is something we created.

This one was written by Nick Ferraro.  

He has been doing the Top 10 for us, but this week he started doing to Quick Hits thoughts and I agree, it is great.

Should be a decent NFL thread now each week with all those topics to discuss. Also, in real life Nick is a giant jerk face, but that is another topic entirely.  :)

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