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6 minutes ago, JoeNamathsFurCoat said:

Mitchell costs the Jets 3 pts


But his in game experience and pro speed vs former #1overall specimen Clowney is worth MORE than the 3 points. My 2¢. This type of ugly I can stomach because I know this type of pain improves our young players and expedites their development and contribution. 

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may have to re-look at this but on the strip sack by Garrett, Max Mitchel was riding him to the outside Flacco never stepped up, held the ball like a god damn loaf of bread, and got stripped. Sad thing was this was right in Flaccos face all he had to do was step up and release instead we get the Fcuking Tree who stands there and gets stripped. ******* guy is terrible. Funny they didn't trust him on a 4th and 1 but they trusted Mann to throw a 10 yard out  . Un ******* real

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1 minute ago, 92ShaunEllis92 said:

Slowly but surely, keep archiving these posts to accumulate a 45+ 500page volume of novels a few more years and that elusive Pulitzer will manifest itself. Lol. The Jets are a true muse. Lol

Thanks for the great laugh. 

@T0mShane is gonna collect all his posts and release a book like drill. Only about 300 copies will sell, all bought by @Gastineau Lives just so he can burn them.

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