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<<<<<<< Jets vs Browns -- The Official Game Thread >>>>>>>


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5 minutes ago, Darnold615 said:

That’s also right in front of Flacco. Hes gotta take one step move up instead of just winding up… most other qbs atleast try… 

Oh yeah, screw Flacco and I'm not defending him, but the topic of Jets' incompetence at QB is like debating if water is wet.

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Just now, Bugg said:

Would ahve saved a ot of clock if they took a timeout there. Saleh has zero strategic sense.

Did the front 7 get together and decide to simply walk right into the Cleveland OL every passing down? not a stunt, not an overlaod, not a pass rush. 

Yeah I just stopped throwing things against walls.  How can you not call TO there and save all that clock??????

Forget about chess vs checkers.  Saleh is playing jacks.


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