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13 minutes ago, IndianaJet said:

It was Clowney but you’re right….Mitchell rode him outside and deep, Clowney reached across as he was going by to smack the ball out.  Flacco needs to see that and take a short hop step,up. 

Thanks for the correction I was not sure which guy it was but I thought I heard the commentator say it was Garrett . Either way you must step up there when the play is right in your face. We could have 21 right now. Also on the pass to Wilson that was defended in the end zone you must throw high there and let Wilson use his jumping ability which is off the charts and not throw the ball at the players waist.

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Its 2022 and NFL fans have to resort to downed satellite and illegal streams. 
For christ sake we've got porn streamed directly to phones, have GPS in our cars, and landed on the ******* moon (supposedly),
But we cant get a quality football broadcast of any team we want on our tv? Wtf. 

I pay $23 for 6 months of IPTV. You can watch every teams local CBS/ FOX in Perfect HD
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