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47 minutes ago, 92ShaunEllis92 said:

I feel Q is a good Long term bet. Has natural god-given talent, no drama off field concerns, and says right things. If you want to change the Jets culture, he’s a guy I build around. I’m not even an analytics stat-head, and apparently he KILLS when it comes to those new school quantitative measurements. 

Sorry. You’re wrong. You don’t pay top dollar, which is what he’s gonna want, for a guy that barely impacts the game. 

no F()cking way. Q can go. 

@Jetsfan80 want to back me up here 

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3 minutes ago, ZachEY said:

Refs taking control of this game.

This constant complaint every week only validates, in my mind, why legalized sports gambling has ruined American Sports and merely another brick that is questionable - at best -in the foundation of our societal integrity.  

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Just now, Obrien2Toon said:

Achilles ended lawson’s career

It certainly hasn't helped, but he was wildly overrated around here from day one.

There's a reason why a first round pass rusher was let to walk to FA in the first place, and then still couldn't come up with a particularly huge price tag/contract length for one of the league's highest-valued positions that is never available on the FA market.

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